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Nick Perugini (MSOC | Student-athlete)

NAME: Nicola Perugini

UNIVERSITY: Trinity Western

CATEGORY: Student-Athlete

SPORT: Men’s Soccer

YEARS ACTIVE: 2003-2007


  • Four-time All-Canadian First Team (2004-2007)

  • Canada West First Team All-Star (2004-2007)

  • Three-time Canada West champion (2005-2007)

  • 2007 CIS and Canada West Player of the Year


Defender Nick Perugini left his mark on the Trinity Western men’s soccer program during a decorated five-year career with the Spartans.

Perugini was named a Canada West All-Star in all five of his seasons and earned four consecutive All-Canadians selections between 2004 and 2007. He was named top rookie in Canada West for 2003 and received the 2006 Canada West Student Athlete of the Year award.

In 2006 he helped the Spartans reach the CIS championship final for the first time in program history, where the team suffered a narrow 2-1 defeat to the host Alberta Golden Bears.

He capped off his career in 2007 when he was named both the CIS and Canada West Player of the Year while captaining the Spartans to a third consecutive Canada West championship.

While a Spartan, Perugini established TWU career records in assists, shots, shots on goal, games started, and minutes played. He also set TWU single-season marks for assists, games started with and minutes played.

He also represented his country at the 2007 World University Games in Thailand, where Canada finished fourth in men’s soccer.

After graduating, Perugini joined the UBC Thunderbirds as an assistant coach. From 2012 to 2017, he served as assistant technical director for Vancouver United FC, before moving on to his present role as assistant technical director with Surrey-Guildford United.

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